It’s Fun Until Someone Loses an Industry!

Television is one of those amazing things that’s kind of bad kind good. It’s very entertaining but it sure be a waste of time too. I remember when I had cable there was only about 4 or 5 channels that I ever watched. You know ,discovery channel some sports channels, Seinfeld and occasionally The Simpsons.

What concerns me about TV nowadays is that it may end up going the way the music industry has gone. With piracy on the rise and download speeds getting as fast as they are it’s just as easy to steal movies as it was music a few short years ago. I know that some people like to mince words in college sharing. That’s a nice euphemism if you’re not on the receiving end of the loss of income. The music industry has taken a really big hit since the days of Napster.

Now it seems like there’s a torrent site or a streaming site popping up every 15 minutes. Sure, it sounds like a great idea to get free stuff until there’s no incentive to make that free stuff anymore.

I can already see the quality of programming in music and TV going downhill. Think about it next time you’re about to press download.